Foreshortening: Mt Warning

Posted on January 15, 2014


A few weeks ago, I took my oldest daughter and some friends up Mt Warning. Right to the tip shown in this photo. It is a 5 hour return hike, classified as strenuous because of the almost vertical rock scramble for the last few hundred metres.
Two years ago I watched a guy who had lost both his hands to a landmine (story for another day) beat me to the top of the scramble, so determination and a good level of fitness is all you really need. The views from the top are spectacular and the summit is the first part of Australia to see the sun as it rises each day.

I took a series of photos of my daughter clambering over a tree that had fallen across our path and used them as well as many other images to practice applying foreshortening and movement in my stick figures. I am still not happy that I am getting proportions consistently correct, so will continue practicing in this way until I am comfortable with what I can reliably produce.

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