Be Kind (Part 2) – Christmas Gifts

Posted on December 6, 2013


I have just printed 10 x photobooks with my 2013 sketches:
– 4 will be used as Christmas gifts for my family
– 6 will be posted to India, Turkey, UK and USA as gifts for …

Poppy: We first met through Bec from Clouds of Colour while doing “Shoot-it Sketch-it” posts and I have enjoyed seeing her creativity and tenacity in tackling many different mediums since. She strikes me as having a young heart and a sense of adventure when it comes to any artistic challenge, whether it be sketching, craft, or photography. I envy the freedom with which she seems to explore and express. She encourages this one trick pony to take risks and try more mediums.

George: George impresses me with her observations. The way she shares her world through photography, seeing beauty in what so many people just wander by. I have enjoyed a few brief online conversations with George this year. She too possesses a young heart in addition to a wonderful sense of humor in the face of IT challenges. Being on opposite sides of the world, I guess I will never get a chance to have longer conversations over a pot of tea on her porch, but I can imagine it would be most enjoyable.

Ruby: What can I say briefly about Ruby? She has helped me immensely by allowing me to contribute to A Canvas of the Minds. She has also helped me personally with a wisdom beyond her years. Ruby has supported countless others by maintaining a platform where beautiful people share and discuss their experiences with mental health issues. She’d be embarrassed ifΒ  I called her the salt of the earth in mental health blogging, so I won’t. The last post in the photobook is one I did for A Canvas of the Minds.

Gypsy: Now Gypsy is someone who I have followed for some time. I read her posts as she planned to fulfill her dream of returning to her family’s home town of Melfi, Italy. I guess I saw her heartfelt desperation and really wanted to see her make the journey home. The process was not without its challenges, but it was one of clear hope and determination. This year she was rewarded with that dream and a visit to Melfi that way exceeded her expectations. A beautiful story!

Archana: Archana and I stepped out of WordPress when I went to India this year. Two strangers from different worlds, we had lunch and shared a moment in time that I will not soon forget, discussing life, work, love and family as though we were old friends. She also kindly helped me with some shopping for the family. A beautiful and genuine young woman who follows her dreams with smiles despite the hurdles life can put in our way at times. I gave Archana a copy of “Lunchsketch 2012” before leaving India, now she has a set!

Nia: I followed Nia for some time, as she talked with sadness about the buildings replacing trees in her home town. I felt her sadness, sharing her love for nature and wildlife. But it wasn’t until I saw on the news how peaceful protesters in Instanbul were being attacked by soldiers for expressing the same concerns, that I realised Nia was not alone in her grief. I remember feeling genuinely worried for her at the time, as she expressed fear for her country and people. I completed a sketch for her at the time to show my solidarity.

These people and so many others have been very kind to me with their friendship and encouragement in 2013. So instead of a badge for their blogs, I am giving a book for their shelves. Thank you!

I most likely won’t be posting more on Lunch Sketch until the New Year.
So I wish you all a safe, joyful, and blessed Christmas!

Oh … and don’t forget to BE KIND

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