My Greatest Piece …

Posted on July 28, 2013


8760 Lunchbreaks

Chris McCandless wrote his final words across a page of a worn out novel he had taken with him, as he sought to find himself in the solitude of the Alaskan wilderness. He had turned his back on others and carried with him less than he needed to survive. He was dying and all alone. You may agree or disagree with what he discovered too late in his journey. But for me I see deep truth in his words.

The joy I get from the solitude I find in sketching and the fun I have in sharing my pieces with you on this little blog … all fades in comparison to the happiness I find in the co-contributors to this Lunch Sketch piece.

It hangs in our bedroom.
It was completed several years ago.
It was started many years before that.
It reminds me of the final words Chris wrote:

“Happiness … only real when shared”

I do plan on sketching again soon and thank those few special folk who have asked after me (you know who you are). In the meantime I will be re-blogging a selection of my first sketches every few days. It is nice for me to look back and hope you also enjoy my reflections.

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