Bharat Ganrajya

Posted on May 15, 2013


4.5 Lunchbreaks

A few weeks ago my company sent me to India. I worked and played only briefly in the city of Bangalore. The city has grown rapidly in the last 10 years and is known as the Silicon Valley of India. It struck me as a large country town that woke bewildered after becoming a major IT metropolis almost overnight.

Wikipedia refers to India as the world’s largest democracy. My understanding of a democracy is a place where supreme power belongs to the people, a society of equal rights and privileges, a country where all citizens have a say in decisions that affect their lives … I am not sure if that is what I saw. But I am sure one week is not enough time to pass judgement. I did however get to meet some wonderful people and enjoyed my time in India very much.

I sketched the above as a summary of my thoughts and feelings regarding India and will elaborate no more than that.

Below are some photos I took on my walk to work and during some shopping on Saturday.

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