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Posted on February 20, 2013


Eva Cassidy [February 2 1963 – November 2 1996]

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Eva would have turned 50 this month.

“Eva Cassidy was attracted to songs that express profound themes (love, loss, transcendence, redemption) drawn from a diversity of musical traditions which she transforms into haunting personal statements.”

“Eva was a complex person, painfully shy, vulnerable to criticism and subject to seasonal depressions, yet opinionated and unyielding in her personal values and artistic principles. She loved solitude, bicycling, movies and Cheetos, hated high school, dresses, aggressive drivers and the exploitation of women in advertising and television. She was obsessive about her art projects, painting, drawing, sculpting, designing jewellery, decorating furniture and clock faces. Extremely self-conscious, she had little interest in pursuing a professional career in art or music, preferring to surround herself with supportive friends …”

(Joel E. Siegel)

I have attached a song that Katie Melua wrote in her memory.

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