Shoot it, Sketch it, Snake it

Posted on January 20, 2013


Last weekend I had two snake encounters in my yard. I sketched the scariest one.

First encounter was with this Carpet Snake on Friday when I went out to my shed to turn off the pool pump at midnight. I usually take the torch in case of snakes, but there was enough moonlight to see and a few wines had also taken the edge off common sense. He was about 6 foot long and beautiful. A nice pet to have around if you want to keep rats and mice at bay. I knew he was around because he had tried to eat one of our chickens a few weeks ago, but realised (too late for the chicken) that it was too big for him to swallow.

Click for a better look!

Oh … if you are curious about the note on the shed. Click here and have a read (it’s kinda cute).

Second encounter was with this Yellow Faced Whip Snake in the grass on Sunday. She was about 3 foot long. Small, fast and venomous. Not a pet we want to keep, as she eats our lovely lizards and geckos, plus she can give a nasty bite if you get in her way.

Click for a better look!

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