Shoot it, Sketch it – Shirt Tribute

Posted on January 7, 2013


Alas, I do not believe you will survive another wash.
Torn and worn, thin and fragile, you have had your last good wear.

R.I.P. Favourite Shirt (28.05.1990 – 22.12.2012)

I searched albums and hard drives and these are the only photos I could find:
1990 – First Wear. 15th Birthday Party for my friend (now my wife).
1996 – Watching whales and dolphins play in the ocean at Stradbroke Island.
2004 – Train ride into the City for a Book Fair.
2008 – Hiking.
2010 – Watching fireworks at Brisbane Riverfire.
2012 – Last Wear. Beside the pool on holidays with little Miss 8.

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