My Ugly Feet

Posted on October 29, 2012

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I have ugly feet!

They are not only ugly, but I also have conclusive proof they can traumatise small children. My seven year old told me in tears one night, “I just love you so much, that I never want to think anything bad about you. But … whenever I look at your feet I can’t stop myself from thinking they are ugly”.

As a baby, I’m sure I played with them like any other. Balanced on them as I took my first steps. Used them to leave my mothers side on the first day of school. Kicked balls, pushed skateboards, peddled bikes, ran races, and played hop-scotch.

As I’ve grown they have boarded planes, trains, boats, buses, trucks and cars. They have walked in and out of doors and bathed in lakes, rivers and oceans. They have entered the depths of the earth, climbed high mountains, and traversed forest paths.

I have listened to them as they walked through fields of death. I have buried them in the sands of many foreign shores. I have forced them to run until they could no more. I have stared at them in disbelief as I lowered my head in places I never wanted to be.


“The foot feels the foot when it feels the ground.”

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