Defender of Man

Posted on October 13, 2012

3.5 Lunchbreaks

I didn’t grow up knowing much about what it means to be a man. So when my son was born, I was scared. Having no solid idea of what it meant to be a man, what was I going to tell this boy who would look to me as an example?

He is 15 now and as I reflect over the years, I remember words that I should not have said, I remember words that I should have said, and I remember words I should have said more. I pray he will learn from my mistakes and remember more of the good in me than the bad.

I am proud to see the day fast approaching when I will be able to say, ‘you are a better man than me‘ … because then I will know I achieved something as his guide during those young years.

He has wanted me to sketch a picture of kayaking for a long time now … it’s something we enjoy doing together. So here it is, a picture of my son.

His name is Alex and the meaning of his name is the title of this Post.



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