Practical Ethics?

Posted on August 26, 2012

Time to Sketch: Longer than it takes Team Hoyt to complete the Boston Marathon

I guess it should not have surprised me last week to hear Peter Singer (a moral philosopher) suggesting euthanasia as an option for babies born with disabilities.
It seems the next logical step in a series of logical treatment options he advocates, like abortion and euthanasia. He refers to it as Practical Ethics.

So … if a child is born with a disability, parents should have a choice to end that life. Why keep a child knowing it will have a difficult life? Why keep a child that will place burden on our health care system?

I wonder if he will suggest next that we euthanize babies born into third world poverty? Surely it is logical to terminate these lives before their suffering begins. But we don’t do this, because we say life is precious, we say life is valuable, and also deep down we would feel guilt. Guilt that we are making this choice because (as a society) we have forgotten to care and value these people.

It depresses me when I hear people – fellow human beings – talking like this.

Ethics: Moral principles that govern a person’s or group’s behavior.

Give me “Team Hoyt” ethics any day over the practical ethics of Peter Singer.
Give me people who dream the impossible.
Give me people who value life.
Give me people who live with hope.
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