Moonbeams and Rainbows

Posted on June 22, 2012


3 Lunchbreaks

Didn’t know how to sketch easily a picture that included both a rainbow and a moon. But wanted to, since I sat up so late the other night thinking about what conversations they might have if ever they did meet.

Both children born of the sun,
but their times are not the same.
One best only in the darkest hour,
the other only lives after pain.

Rainbow asks Moon …

“You seem incomplete,
as though affected by a shadow?”

“It is the world that makes me hide,
and does affect me so.”

“Why are your words so soft,
and vision so faint to sight?”

“Only in the darkest hours,
can the sun lend me its light.”

Moon asks Rainbow …

“Why do you so often,
keep yourself concealed?”

“Only through tears,
can my colours be revealed.”

“So why then can I,
not see you in the night?”

“Because I too need,
the sun to make me bright.”


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