El Camino

Posted on June 11, 2012

1 Lunchbreak

Planned on completing 3 sketches this weekend, all about movies that struck a chord with me recently. Happy with my inspiration for each, but not happy with my efforts. Yesterday was a challenge too great for the time I had, so I kept today simple.

June 09 – ‘Detachment’ – the best movie I have seen this year by far. The effect too profound to even attempt to write my feelings about it here.

June 10 – ‘A Painted Veil’ – older movie with a great leading cast, story, cinematography and music. What more could you want.

June 11 – ‘The Way’ – inspiration for today’s sketch. I now have another thing to add to my bucket list … the ‘El camino de Santiago’.

How do we find our way each and every day?
What navigates us more than hope?

“L’espoir est le rêve d’une âme éveillée”
(French Proverb)

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