Posted on April 27, 2012


2 Lunchbreaks

Whether it is cosmetically correcting some part of our body we don’t like, changing who we are to meet someone elses idea of perfect, or pointing out the imperfection in those around us … we all pursue perfection in some part of our lives.

But are we seeking to be beautiful people or perfect people?
Because I do not believe we can be both.
I do not believe beautiful things are perfect.

I believe beautiful things are just that … beautiful things … beautiful with all their imperfections.

Every sketch in my blog reaches a point where it is finished – good, bad, or smudgy – each one is complete with all its imperfections. If I just see a finished sketch as something incomplete and don’t accept it with all its imperfections, I will start to make it worse by continuing to erase, add or blend further. The more I aim for perfection in my sketches, the further I get from it and the less beauty I find in my work.

I think it is also true that the more we aim for perfection in life, the further we get from it.

We should give up on trying to be perfect and start work on becoming your beautiful selves.
We should give up on trying to make others perfect and start work on accepting them for their beautiful selves.

“Love isn’t finding the perfect person.
It’s seeing an imperfect person perfectly.”
(Sam Keen)

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