A Robots Life

Posted on October 11, 2011


3.5 Lunchbreaks

Advantage: Control over feelings, actions, memories, ambition and pain. Any of these things you don’t like, you can simply turn OFF. Any of these things you do like, you can simply turn ON.

Disadvantage: Being controlled. Who would be telling us what to feel, how to act, what to remember, what to strive for, and what pain to bear?
The loss of ‘free will’ is a heavy price to pay for the advantage of having control over these things.

So … until they invent some operation or procedure that can give us this advantage without the disadvantage … I guess we are stuck with being humans.

Humans trying our best to control our feelings, actions, memories, ambitions and hurts.

Humans trying to make sure we are free from the control of others.

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