The Tree of Life

Posted on September 27, 2011

3.5 Lunchbreaks

Really enjoyed this movie. The cinematography was beautiful and the storyline simple and thought-provoking. The movie examines the world through the eyes of a Mum, a Dad, and one of their sons. It examines the way of nature (the Dads way) and the way of grace (the Mums way) and a son trying to reconcile their paths with which way he should go.

The dad tries to teach his sons that the world is all about justice and survival of the fittest. The Mum tries to teach her sons the value of love and mercy.

As the son grows, his view of the world changes from one that is joyful and simple to one that is painful and complex. Something he continues to wrestle with as an adult.

The Mum in the movie is a redhead – just like mine.

The Mum in the movie lived by the way of grace – just like mine.

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