Sleep Awake

Posted on September 26, 2011


2.5 Lunchbreaks

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Sleep is something I have missed lately … so I thought I’d at least draw someone having what I can’t.

Here is an interesting fact: It’s impossible to tell if someone is awake, unless they undergo close medical supervision. This is because we can sleep awake.

I have experienced sleep awake – mostly it happens when I’m driving a known route or doing some other routine task when I am really tired.

On a more philosophical level. How many people sleep awake in the way they live their lives? How many of us go through the motions of life every day without stopping to consider how we are living? How many people live without a concious conscience?

I’m sure you know many very famous people who have acted with a concious conscience – like Mother Teresa or Nelson Mandella – but here is a short list of some other (less known but no less great) people you should know … people who could have, but refused to sleep awake.

Wang Weilin

Nasrin Sotoudeh

Oskar Schindler

Paul Rusesabagina

Aung San Suu Kyi

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