Posted on July 24, 2011


1 Lunchbreak

I remember hearing the story of Giotto (a Renaissance painter). He was discovered as a child, sketching pictures into bark while he watched his father’s sheep. Later as an adult, Pope Boniface heard of his skill and invited Giotto to his court for a demonstration. When asked to demonstrate his skill as an artist, Giotto took a sheet of paper and pencil, and drew quickly with a single motion, a circle so perfect that it was considered a miracle.

So, I spent some of my lunchhour drawing circles … but I don’t think mine would be considered miracles. Some took only seconds to draw and others up to 4 minutes. If you click on the image you can see how close I got.

Circles are a part of life. We see and experience them every day.

Planets orbit in circles. Often passing close to others.
Sometimes each orbit brings them closer together.
Other times, each orbit moves them further apart.
The cycle continues until the planets either collide or are lost from sight forever.

Damien Rice has an album called ‘O’.  A reference to this process in relationships. A beautiful album, full of emotion and reflection about love both won and lost. In one song, he asks a friend, ‘read me the story of O’. Meaning, he wants to enter his friends orbit and discover where time will take them …

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