To Tomorrow

Posted on June 13, 2011


2.5 Lunchbreaks …

Back to the simple stuff. How I first started drawing when I was younger. Pages and pages of cartoons. My mum would encourage me by paying 5 cents per cartoon. Cartoons are simple – just copying someone elses drawing.

Back to the simple stuff. This is Noodle. She seeks the simple life. A life of freedom. Noodle floats on an island in the sky, powered by a windmill and passes the day watching butterflies, picking flowers and plucking at her guitar.

Back to the simple stuff. 2-D is her friend, but he is trapped in “Feel Good Inc.” Imprisoned by what he has made. Their story is one of escape versus imprisonment.

Click on this image to see “Feel Good Inc.”

Sadly … all does not go well for Noodle. As she enters “El Mañana” her peace and freedom are interupted by the cruel nature of the world in which she is trying to live.

Click on this image to see “El Mañana”

Don’t worry about Noodle though – she survives and returns to “Melancholy Hill”.

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