Me by Grand Me

Posted on June 6, 2011


Sketched by: Gordon Robert Waterson (1922-1989) …

Ok. So not sketched during my lunchbreak. Not even sketched by me. But it does come from the source of my ability to sketch.

I was still in school when my Grandfather passed away. This is by no means the best of his work, but it is the only one I have of “Me”.

I remember spending time on my Grandparents farm as a kid. I liked riding on the tractor and exploring the vegetable patch. I remember the big carpet snake that use to live in the shed and how it would lay on the roof beams while we tinkered and tried to build stuff. I remember the Cuckoo Clock chiming every hour when we visited or had sleepovers.

I remember many of my Grandfathers oil paintings, pastels and charcoal pieces of art hanging proudly in the farm house. I remember him entering the local art competition each year and winning shortly before he died. I keep (with pride) the easel that he purchased with the winnings.

With regret, the one thing I don’t remember is afternoons painting or sketching together. I would have liked that.

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