Namaste Aama

Posted on April 26, 2011


1/2 Lunchbreak + Easter Weekend …

I saw this photo as Wallpaper on a friends PC at work. It grabbed me straight away as a beautiful image and my sketch has not really captured its essence.
The mum in the photo looks younger than she appears in my sketch. A Nepali family from what I can see, but I can find very little info on the photo or its origins.

I wonder where she is now …
I wonder how old the little guy is …
I wonder if they are safe …

I’m sure she wouldn’t know that her and baby have appeared as desktop backgrounds on office PC’s.
I’m sure she wouldn’t know that some weary white-collar worker has sketched her and baby during his Easter break.

So … sweet little Nepali Mum, if you are out there and find this blog, I think you are remarkable, courageous and enchanting!

How different your life must be to mine.

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