Queen Gorgo and the future King

Posted on February 23, 2011


3 Lunchbreaks …

From great success with Denzel (Eli), I had great difficulty with Queen Gorgo comforting her son.

I felt a lot more for this picture and it’s symbolism than any previous images, yet was unable to produce a great result. You can see by the smudging around Gorgo’s face, the difficulty I had. To do the piece justice, I would really need a bigger page and twice the Lunchbreaks.

Gorgo was known for her political acumen and wisdom. She is also unique in history for her lineage of relationships to Kings of Sparta. Daughter of a Spartan King, wife of a Spartan King, and mother of a Spartan King (shown here).

Feelings here are for her husband, for her son, for her people. An uncertain future, but a certain courage to face it.

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