My Emma

Posted on February 22, 2011


I couldn’t afford (rather … didn’t want to pay) adult prices to get into the Medieval Fair. So I drove my son and his friend there and waited in the car for 4 hours while they went on their own. Took my sketch pad (A4), pencil (HB) and a photo of my youngest. Sat in the car and sketched the hours away.

Happy with the clothes, cap and hair. Eyes are a little dark and definition missing from her face. Emma loved it, picture is currently framed and in her room above her bed.

Gave me the idea of doing more sketching – so kitted up with a more practical sized sketch pad (A5) and 4B pencil.

BTW. Got sick of waiting for the boys after I was done, found a broken Fair Entry wristband on the ground, put it on and got in for free – only had peasants guarding the gates.

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